09 April 2018

Please support our London Marathon runner, Suzie Moffat


9 April 2018

Great news!  Suzie Moffat, a Zimbabwean runner whose heart is still in Zimbabwe although she now lives in the UK, is once again running this year’s London Marathon (Sunday 22 April) to raise funds for the Mike Campbell Foundation!


Pic 1: Suzie Moffat with a fellow Zimbabwean runner;  Pic 2: Suzie (left) with a friend

Suzie’s goal is to raise £2,000 ($2,805) and she’s reached 81% of her target already, i.e. £1,673. 

Vodafone will match all donations raised! If you give £2, they will give £2.

To help Suzie achieve her goal or, better still, to surpass it, click on the following link – it’s very quick and easy:

Or you can donate via text if you are in the UK:

Read more:

Suzie has been raising money for the foundation for five years and her very first fundraising page showed a young boy standing helplessly watching his house burn down with the statistic of nearly two million farm workers and their families left destitute.

“Zimbabwe has been in turmoil for years, not just the farmers and their workers but the entire country they fed, the jobs they provided and the rural schools and clinics they funded,” says Suzie.

This is also about all the young Zimbabweans who want to go to school and build successful, fulfilling careers instead of being forced into a devastating cycle of poverty, insecurity and hopelessness.

“I admire the fact that the Mike Campbell Foundation has been offering support, hope and purpose to so many people when they needed it the most,” she says.

Suzie’s message to fellow Zimbabweans is this: “I hope for peace for my country, for a chance to recover and recuperate, to rebuild our beautiful home. For the first time in 10 years there is tangible hope, we have had brief flutters of it with stay-aways and vocal pastors, but never anything this solid and we are, as ever, an optimistic nation.

“Now more than ever we need to invest in our people and our home, so that is why I am setting such a high target and (hopefully) completing such a tough challenge.”

To contribute to Suzie’s brave fundraiser, click on the following link:

Background: Suzie's famous ancestor, Robert Moffat, was the first missionary to undertake journeys into what later became Zimbabwe from the early 1820s and his eldest daughter married the missionary and explorer, David Livingstone. Her family is still living in Zimbabwe and her heart is very much for the people of her country who have been through so much, and for the work of the Mike Campbell Foundation

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