26 April 2018

London Marathon success



Dear Family and Friends

This is a wonderful report from Sue Moffat on her remarkable London Marathon achievement. Her courage shines through and her heart for the Mike Campbell Foundation’s work in Zimbabwe is so encouraging.  Our sincere thanks to Luke Hardingham, one of our volunteers, who secured the marathon place for us.

An exciting moment for Sue Moffat and her supporters as she crosses the finishing line

Sue reports on the drama-filled London marathon [26.2 mile/42.19km]

What an amazing day!  My official time was 5:51.08 hours, and I was really pleased that I finished in under 6 hours (even though my training was supposed to be under 5 hours but hey ho!)

First of all, a massive thank you to everyone who sponsored me, cheered me on, supported me, hugged me and sent me well wishes on the day, the weeks and months leading up to it! I have managed to raise more than double my target for the Mike Campbell Foundation (and counting) £4,280.20 (214%), and couldn’t have managed that without all of you – so THANK YOU.

At 24.1 degrees, Sunday 22 April 2018 was the hottest London Marathon on record and boy did I feel that at every mile! I moved back a pen at the start, which meant I was much slower than I wanted to be for the first 7/8 miles and was then too dehydrated and hot to make much of the space when it eventually cleared enough to gain some distance.

I saw my friends and family at mile 11 and was still feeling quite fresh, happy and upbeat, despite the organisers having run out of water at the last two stops (!!)

When I hit mile 13 and checked my half marathon time, I felt really mentally low as I realised then I was already nearly an hour behind my training and estimated times.

Over the following mile I saw two people collapse - one actually in front of me whom I stopped to help, and one lady who had already been moved to the side of the road.


At this point I gave myself a stern talking to: I was OK, I was a bit sore, a bit tired, but I was still running and I should be grateful for that and just enjoy the experience.

I knew so many people were cheering me on from near and far and I didn’t want to overdo it and not finish, so I backed off trying to make up time and just kept one foot in front of the other.

At mile 19, I started having some wobbles (literally wobbly legs all of a sudden) and was feeling some very sharp pain in my hips. I stopped at the top of a hill for a few minutes to recover with one of the medics and then carried on. Thankfully that seemed to ease the pain off quite a lot and there were no more steep hills!

Luckily, only a few kilometres on, my cheering squad was once again by the side waving the Zimbabwean flag, so I stopped for some hugs, motivation and a bite of a salty pretzel.

I think everything after 20 miles was more determination and mental than physical.  This was the part where I walked more than I wanted to, but turned on my phone and read some messages of encouragement, and really dug deep, remembering all of you and how much you have given me: time, patience, support and money.  And also just how much all my fellow countrymen have endured/suffered/been through and survived - if they can survive all of that then I can definitely get through this!

The support has been overwhelming, which I know is a word more flippantly used these days. But I genuinely can’t think of any words that would come close to describing how incredible the whole day was: hundreds and hundreds of people shouting your name, being able to tell so many strangers about this charity and all that it stands for.

The hours and hours and hours of training - when it’s the last thing you want to do and when it’s been snowing and freezing cold – culminated in such an awesome day for such an important cause. Needless to say it was very emotional and I am so, so grateful.

The current tally for my Just Giving page is £4,280.20 so thank you from the bottom of my heart!  I’d like to challenge other runners to support this worthy cause – and anyone else who would like to get involved.

If you would like to learn more about the charity, please have a look at their website: or e-mail:


Sue’s well-earned London Marathon medal

 A moment for reflection with the landmark London Eye in the background

Once again, congratulations to Sue for a truly great achievement and a sincere thanks to you all from the Mike Campbell Foundation.

We’ll be sending out our regular newsletter next week.

With best wishes 


Claire Freeth


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