17 February 2017

Pastor Mawarire - back from the USA

In case you missed the interview by Advocate Fadzayi Mahere of Pastor Evan Mawarire, here is a link to the interview, which is 42.41 minutes, but definitely worth watching:

A short summary follows:

  1. Pastor Mawarire said he left because his family was being threatened by suspected State security agents and he said he could not post a video telling people about this experience without ensuring the safety of his family first.
  2. He said he did not regret leaving the country when he did because he did it for his family. He also admitted that he was afraid despite his “Hatichadi Hatichatyi” mantra.
  3. Pastor Evan refuted claims that he had been given asylum despite having a strong case to apply for one. He also said that he did not have a Green Card or American citizenship. He added that he was back for good.
  4. He reiterated that ThisFlag Movement was not about following an individual but was a citizens’ movement.
  5. Mawarire did not guarantee that he will not leave the movement again emphasizing that that gone are the days of a saviour mentality where people expect one person to do the job.
  6. ThisFlag Movement will not turn into a political party and he said that they did not have a political union with Dr Noah Manyika. (They met in the USA - Dr Manyika is very passionate about Zimbabwe and wants to see change).
  7. Pastor Mawarire said that despite the belief that people of the cloth should not be involved in politics, Pastors should stand up for the people. He said that what Pastor Mugadza who is incarcerated for prophesying President Mugabe’s death, was arrested for exercising his right to freedom of speech.
  8. When asked if he will one day run for President, Mawarire said maybe and said that with the right counsel he would venture into politics. He however reiterated that ThisFlag Movement will remain a citizen movement that is not aligned to an individual or political party.
  9. ThisFlag is open to citizens’ input and Mawarire revealed that the singing of the national anthem during a cricket match in Bulawayo was a suggestion by a citizen that he has not seen up to now. He said that those that had contributions could get in touch with ThisFlag on their official Facebook page ThisFlag – IfulegiLeyi – MurezaUyu
  10. ThisFlag Movement is working with other citizens movements such as Zimbabwe Yadzoka to reach citizens in the rural areas.

Vision:  Our vision is to create a country which allows ideas to interrogate each other, where Zimbabweans want to stay.  At the moment young people want to leave the country but they need to stay.  The Diaspora needs to return with their new knowledge and thoughts and to join with Zimbabweans at home so that this country can regain an honourable place among the nations of the world.

To bring about change: It takes a seed to get a harvest. It takes a drop of water and many drops joined together to create a flood, so that not one person can be responsible for change in a community or in a nation, or globally.  It takes all of us being responsible to bring the change that we need to have.

A final message to the people who have supported you:

The things that unite us are more than the things that divide us, so pay attention.  We are at a point in Zimbabwe where a generation of people is prepared to do the things that we last heard of in the liberation war.  There is no better time to be in Zimbabwe than now, today.  If we all join hands, put our differences aside, if we stop our suspicions and if we begin to realise it’s for me and for my children, I’m telling you we can see something that nobody thought possible for the nation of Zimbabwe.

More: You can watch the full 42 minute video HERE

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