Election results and map

Zimbabwe 2018 Harmonised Election Results

Source: Kubatana

3 August 2018

Map of National Assembly results 

(Red = MDC Alliance, Green = Zanu PF, Grey = Results not yet entered. Click on a constituency to see the number of votes for each party. The missing spot near Karoi is Hurungwe Central, which we don’t have shape file data for so can’t map unfortunately.)

Please turn over for the National Assembly results by province and the Presidential election results by province.

National Assembly Results by Province

Bulawayo: MDC Alliance 11, Zanu PF 1
Harare: MDC Alliance 28, Zanu PF 1
Manicaland: MDC Alliance 7, Zanu PF 19
Mashonaland Central: MDC Alliance 0, Zanu PF 18
Mashonaland East: MDC Alliance 2, Zanu PF 21
Mashonaland West: MDC Alliance 3, Zanu PF 18, Independent 1
Masvingo: MDC Alliance 1, Zanu PF 25
Matabeleland South: MDC Alliance 1, Zanu PF 12
Matabeleland North: MDC Alliance 5, Zanu PF 8
Midlands: MDC Alliance 5, Zanu PF 22, NPF 1

Total National Assembly Elected Seats

Zanu PF: 145
MDC Alliance: 63
NPF: 1
Independent: 1

Presidential Election Results by Province

Total: Mnangagwa 2,460,463 (50.8%) / Chamisa 2,147,436 (44.3%)

Bulawayo: Mnangagwa 60,168 / Chamisa 144,107
Harare: Mnangagwa 204,710 / Chamisa 548,880
Manicaland: Mnangagwa 292,938 / Chamisa 296,429
Mashonaland Central Mnangagwa 366,785 / Chamisa 97,097
Mashonaland East: Mnangagwa 334,617 / Chamisa 189,024
Mashonaland West: Mnangagwa 312,958 / Chamisa 217,732
Matabeleland South: Mnangagwa 107,008 / Chamisa 90,292
Matabeleland North: Mnangagwa 111,452 / Chamisa 137,611
Masvingo: Mnangagwa 319,073 / Chamisa 171,196
Midlands: Mnangagwa 350,754 / Chamisa 255,059


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