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Compensation vital for revival of agriculture - 18 May 2018 ...Read More 

Life is tough:  Statistics and the human faces of Zimbabwe’s land chaos by Cathy Buckle – 11 May 2018 ... Read More

ANC in South Africa: Expropriation has nothing to do with land, it’s about losing votes, says Moeletsi Mbeki – 15 May 2018... Read More

Could Zimbabwean coffee once again be on speciality menus? A fascinating insight into the former coffee industry – 1 March 2018 ... Read More

Commercial farmer Dave Conolly denied his rights – 6 April 2018 ... Read More

Grace Mugabe’s dispute with miners on the farm she took over intensifies – 4 April 2018 ... Read More

Rob and Darryn Smart gets farm back, but no guarantees – 3 March 2018  ... Read More 

Grace Mugabe farm victims win $30,000 compensation – 2 March 2018 ... Read More

Grace Mugabe refuses to pay workers outstanding wages on Gwina farm – 25 February 2018 ... Read More

77 farm workers sue police over vandalised property, torture - 7 February 2018 ...Read More 

Hearing of court case against President Zuma re the closure of the regional court, the SADC Tribunal – 6 February 2018 … Read More

‘Mugabe’s fast-track land reform a great mistake’ says board chairman of agricultural authority ARDA – 6 February 2018 … Read More

Court hearing against President Zuma and his govt for their role in closure of SADC Tribunal – 2 February 2018 ... Read More

White farmers urged to apply for land leases and to withdraw court cases – 2 February 2018 ... Read More

Leases will not stand security for bank loans, writes Advocate Fadzayi Mahere – 1 February 2018 ...Read More

Remaining white farmers to be issued with 99-year leases - 30 January 2018... Read More

Roy Bennett was a courageous man whose appeal transcended race, writes The Times (UK) – 23 January 2018 ... Read More

White commercial farmers loath to return to Zimbabwe – 19 January 2018 ... Read More

Alex Magaisa pays tribute to MDC hero and farmer Roy Bennett – 19 January 2018 ... Read More

Tribute to Roy and Heather, two exceptionally brave and dedicated Zimbabweans, will be greatly missed – 19 January 2018 ... Read More

Roy Bennett ‘suffered a lot in his attempt to build a new Zimbabwe’ - 19 January 2018 ...Read More 

Roy Bennett, white Zimbabwean with black political base dies in helicopter crash – NYT – 18 January 2018 .... Read More 

Rob and Darryn Smart return to their farm following the president’s intervention – 21 December 2017 ... Read More

Farm workers celebrate the fall of Grace Mugabe’s G40 faction which protected exploiters – 3 December 2017 … Read More

Tobacco farmers should lead reforestation programmes in face of uncontrolled deforestation – 23 October 2017 ... Read More

Lands minister in court for irregularly withdrawing a farmer’s offer letter and handing the farm to an ally – 19 October 2017 ... Read More

Targeted white farmers avoid courts, enter private negotiations with government - 15 October 2017 ...Read More 

Targeted white farmers avoid courts, enter private negotiations with government - 15 October 2017 ... Read More

Fertiliser crisis looms amid acute economic challenges – 13 October 2017 ... Read More

New farmers are poor farmers, says deputy minister Paddy Zhanda – 28 September 2017 ... Read More

Judge orders white farmers to disclose previous court applications – 4 September 2017 … Read More

Dispossessed Zimbabwean farmers launch new international legal initiative ahead of SADC Summit of Heads of State ... Read More

of white former commercial farmers during farm invasions to get immunity says Mugabe – 15 August 2017 ... Read More

Eddie Cross writes that Mugabe protects murderers and flouts the rule of law, promises no prosecutions – 15 August 2017 ... Read More

List of command agriculture scheme farms with outstanding water bills, including names of farms – 5 August 2017 … Read More

Evicted white farmers dispute government compensation claims – 21 July 2017 … Read More

Zimbabwe imports maize worth $82m despite 'bumper harvest' claim – 8 July 2017 ... Read More

Another high profile cleric takes over a white-owned farm and evicts farm workers, reports Ben Freeth – 5 July 2017 .... Read More

Slave wages paid to farm workers, appalling conditions (and link to 8-page report)  – 11 June 2017 ... Read More

Chigwell farm, Chegutu, in the hands of ruthless ZANU PF thugs – 7 June 2017 ... Read More

Mugabe’s fresh land grab threats ‘are racist, nonsensical’ says MDC – 7 June 2017 … Read More

Agriculture: a harvest to break Africa’s dependency syndrome by Ben Freeth – 6 June 2017 ... Read More

Bureaucratic bungling, poor planning to affect wheat hectarage - 1 June 2017 .... Read More

Beatings and evictions at Grace Mugabe-linked farm, reports Human Rights Watch – 23 May 2017 ... Read More

Germany demands compensation for BIPPA-protected farms – 17 May 2017... Read More

The Mugabes ‘own’ Arnold farm (also known as Manzou farm), the NPA has revealed – 21 April 2017 ... Read More

Grace Mugabe’s evictions from Arnold farm in Mazowe intensify – 27 March 2017... Read More

Police demolish more homes on Arnold farm to make way for Grace Mugabe – 24 March 2017 ... Read More

Farm seizures have been disastrous, with maize production plunging from 2m tonnes in 2000 to an estimated 500,000 last year – 18 January 2017 ... Read More

Why white Zimbabwean farmer, Ben Freeth, returned to his farm eight years after it was destroyed by pro-Mugabe forces – 7 January 2016 .... Read More

Farm workers:  Report on the appalling working and living conditions of workers in the agricultural sector 16 years after the farm invasions – December 2016 ... Read More

Is land nationalisation in Zimbabwe a form of slavery, asks Ben Freeth – 25 November 2016 ... Read More

Command agriculture inputs sold on black market  – 24 November 2016 ... Read More

Petition calling on the British Government to request an investigation into dispossession of British citizens in Zimbabwe – 26 October 2016 ... Read More

Questions for former vice president Joice Mujuru (guilty of grand theft) who has been invited to the UK by Chatham House – 5 October 2016 – Read More

Chinese farmers take over former white-owned farms in Zimbabwe to cash in on tobacco – 17 September 2016 ... Read More

Farmers not ready for forthcoming crop season, many still owed money by Grain Marketing Board – 19 Aug 2016 ... Read More 

Productive white farmers may get “offer letters”, says vice president Phelekezela Mphoko – 13 August 2016 ... Read More

Government announces a US$500 million “command agriculture” scheme  to solve food insecurity – 12 August 2016  ... Read More

Suspected ZANU PF youth invade war veterans leader’s farm, no police support – 10 August 2016 ... Read More

Zim govt may charge subsistence farmers settled on large-scale farmers rent, or repossess – 2 August 2016... Read More

Maize production plunges 40% due to chaos in agriculture and the ongoing drought – 7 July 2016 ... Read More

Government faces US$30 billion compensation bill for expropriated white-owned farms – 30 June 2016 ... Read More

New farmers resist take-over of former van Hoogstraaten farm by Zion Christian Church leader – 25 June 2016 ... Read More

Elderly white farmer (85) evicted from farm to make way for a ZANU PF MP – 21 June 2016 ... Read More

Dave Conolly appeals to the Supreme Court re High Court ruling that he vacates Centenary farm – 5 June 2016 ... Read More

Govt is threatening to allocate 4,000 hectares of land at Triangle and Hippo Valley Estates – 2 June 2016 ... Read More

18,000 illegally settled prospective farmers face eviction in the Midlands - 3 May 2016 ... Read More

Russia promises smore business deals and a partnership with the GMB - 30 April 2016 ... Read More

Dave Conolly loses his Centenary farm to Mugabe aide, Dr Ray Ndhlukula - 29 April 2016 ... Read More

Listen to Ben Freeth, whose family was forced off Mount Carmel farm, on Pilgrim Radio (audio) – 18 April 2016 ... Read More

Britain rejects Dr Ray Ndhlukula, who has stolen farms in Matabeleland, for ambassador post – 7 April 2016 ... Read More

Penniless government struggles to compensate white farmers for grabbed land – 1 April 2016 ... Read More

Update on disputes under the Chinese, Dutch and Swiss investment treaties -  8 March 2016 ... Read More

18,000 farmers abandon tobacco due to drought and unfavourable prices – 8 March 2016 ... Read More 

Photo of British doctor who has grabbed Phillip Rankin’s farm with Grace Mugabe – 26 February 2016 ... Read More

New protest against Dr Nyatsuro who has grabbed Phillip Rankin’s farm in Zimbabwe – 23 February 2016... Read More

Children are starving in Mashonaland Central province – 17 February 2016.... Read More

Govt evicts 90 land grab beneficiaries - 16 February 2016... Read More 

Zim govt must return Heinrich von Pezold’s agricultural estates, international tribunal rules – 16 February 2016... Read More

Despite the escalating food crisis, farm seizures are stepping up – 8 February 2016… Read More

Phillip Rankin forced off his farm by a black British doctor, formerly from Zimbabwe, who runs a medical centre – 1 February 2016... Read More

Commercial farmer Phillip Rankin forced off farm by British doctor Sylvester Nyatsuro – 1 February 2016... Read More

Eleven besieged white farmers must stay, says chief – 20 November 2015 ... Read More 

Land reform ruined community weather stations formerly manned by white farmers – 7 November 2015.... Read More

The last white farmers in Zimbabwe [with crop statistics] by veteran journalist Jan Raath – 26 October 2015 ... Read More

Zim farmer Phillip Rankin remains under siege from British doctor’s  illegal invaders – 22 October 2015 .... Read More

British doctor’s invasion of Zim farm exposes Conservative foreign policy – 15 October 2015 .... Read More

British doctor and his wife involved in attempt to grab Phillip Rankin’s commercial farm – 14 October 2015 .... Read More

Dave Conolly’s workers challenge the take-over of his farm by a Mugabe aide in court – 23 July 2015... Read More

Dave Conolly’s ongoing Centenary farm court saga and the El Nino threat – 22 July 2015.... Read More

Dave Conolly’s Centenary farm lies unproductive and his workers challenge the high-level take-over -22 July 2015... Read More

Rogue police and soldiers attack and rob white farmers – 19 July 2015 ... Read More

Land reform nightmare, stunning admission of failure and the legal chaos – 11 June 2015... Read More

Mugabe runs rings around the West – Ben Freeth – 22 May 2015 .... Read More

White farmers and entire country under siege from Mugabe’s office – 22 May 2015… Read More

Attack on Richard and Molleen Dennis, Caledonia farm – 7 May 2015… Read More

Ben Freeth’s presentation on protecting property rights at the AfriForum land conference in SA – 18 March 2015.... Read More

Centenary farm:  Dr Ray Ndhlukula sentenced for defying court order barring him from evicting Dave Conolly – 17 March 2015… Read More

Mugabe admits land reform blunder in birthday interview - 27 February 2015.... Read More

Cathy Buckle’s newsletter:  Mugabe’s huge birthday bash dwarfs the sorry state of small-scale crops on acquired farms – 27 February 2015 ... Read More

Maleme Ranch:  Police beat villagers praying for white farmer – 11 February 2015... Read More

Reserve Bank debt includes controversial farm mechanisation scheme – 27 January 2015 .... Read More

Maleme Ranch:  Government officials defy call by Matabeleland South chiefs to block take-over – 23 January 2015... Read More

Grace Mugabe brings wildlife to game farm as evicted peasants take legal action – 22 January 2015... Read More

Grace Mugabe evicts former farm invaders and landless for her wildlife farm – 21 January 2015 ...Read More

Mnangagwa announces govt will take land from whites and multiple owners  – 19 January 2015 .... Read More

Mnangagwa says government to intensify land grabs  – 15 January 2015 ...Read More

Ex-Lands Minister Didymus Mutasa gave 15 farms to wives and lovers-18 January 2015... Read More

Resettled A1 farmers told their plots will sub-divided for Zanu PF party youths – 22 October 2014..... Read More

Mugabe's daughter, Bona, allegedly seizes white farmer's land in Goromonzi – 24 September 2014.... Read More

Farming preparations in disarray with less than two weeks to go – 18 September 2014..... Read More

Stealing farms will not empower society or grow our economy- 18 September 2014...Read More

Zimbabwe:  Stealing farms will not empower society or grow our economy – 17 September 2014 …. Read More

Senior civil servant invades Dave Conolly’s Centenary farm – 17 September 2014 ... Read More

Cathy Buckle:  Stuck in the moment – “This is my farm” and now “This is my plot” – 12 September 2014….. Read More

Whites must go back to England, says Mugabe - 5 September 2014.....  Read More

1,615 families at risk after retired Air Force member destroys homes on Edinburgh farm, threatens evictions - 22 August 2014 ... Read More

Zimbabwean farm workers found guilty of “trespassing” on Wakefield farm - 20 August 2014... Read More

Dave Conolly’s Centenary farm:  Former ZIPRA war vets protest farm seizure – 19 August 2014.... Read More

Farm worker families evicted in Dave Conolly’s Centenary farm land grab – 7 August 2014… Read More

ConCourt upholds eviction of disabled white Zimbabwean farmer, William Stander – 18 July 2014...Read More

The evil side of ZANU PF ‘hero’ Nathan Shamuyarira – 7 July 2014..... Read More

Death of a ‘Hero’: Zimbabwe’s sickness; Zimbabwe’s prison- 9 July 2014... Read More

Mugabe says no whites may own land in Zimbabwe - 3 July 2014 ... Read More 

Economic view:  White farmers are not land thieves in SA or Zimbabwe - 1 July 2014 .... Read More

Malcolm and Catherine Francis farm murders: please support medical fund- 30 May 2014...Read More

Francis farmer murders, escalating violence and land invasions – 23 May 2014 ... Read More

Further statement by the Francis family following the farm attack  May 2014.... Read More

Statement by the Francis family following the attack on Malcolm and Catherine Francis – 19 May 2014.... Read More

Farmer’s daughter, Catherine Francis, dies in brutal attack – CFU statement – 15 May 2014.... Read More

Meet the black farmer who walked to State House to save his farm – 18 May 2014 … Read More

Kondozi farming enterprise wrecked by Zanu PF’s land reform programme – 22 April 2014... Read More

Land reform hosts linger on in debris of land take-overs – 7 March 2014..... Read More

Grace Mugabe land seizures put Interfresh’s Mazoe citrus estate in dire straits – 28 February 2014 .... Read More

Zimbabwe's Farmers May Get the Last Laugh - 9 October 2013 ... Read More

Violent Chegutu farm eviction leaves MDC-T families on roadside - 7 October 2013 ...Read More

Finally, justice for Luke Tembani- 8 July 2013...Read More 

Zimbabwe land seizures in black & white and SA Constitutional Court ruling by Willie Spies – 8 July 2013 ... Read More 

Citizenship and the New Constitution - 28 June 2013 ... Read More

Legal breakthrough for Zimbabwe - 28 June 2013...Read More

Life Without a Destination- 3 October 2012 ... Read More

Lack of Security Tenure Among the Displaced -20 December 2011  ... Read More

Human Rights Abuses – assistance denied - 1 November 2011... Read More

Stateless in Zimbabwe – plight of “aliens” - 27 September 2011... Read More

Plight of Malawian Farm Workers- 1 September 2011 ... Read More  

60,000 Farm Workers Displaced – in three years - 27 June 2011 ... Read More

Child Labour on Rise – lost generation - 20 March 2011 ... Read More

Women Farm Workers – and land redistribution -March 2010  ... Read More

Invisible Suffering of Farm Workers – November 2009 ... Read More

Survey of HR violations and losses on commercial farms - December 2008 ... Read More

Post-Election Retribution on Farms report - May 2008 ... Read More

Land reform caused 10,000 deaths-5 July 2007 ... Read More

A tale of two farms:  Mount Carmel (Mike Campbell and Ben Freeth) and Selous farm – 30 March 2005 ... Read More 

Analysis of Displaced Farm Workers - summary - 13 August 2004... Read More

Situation of Farm Workers After Land Reform - May 2003... Read More


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