Food Crisis

Maize production plunges 40% due to chaos in agriculture and the ongoing drought – 7 July 2016 ... Read More

Hungry Zimbabwe Villagers Attack Mugabe for Donating Cassava – 16 May 2016… Read More 

Zimbabwe says 4 million need food aid due to drought - 15 March 2016 ... Read More

Children are starving in Mashonaland Central province – 17 February 2016.... Read More

Despite the escalating food crisis, farm seizures are stepping up – 8 February 2016… Read More

Drought, maize crop write-offs and Zanu PF’s claims by Cathy Buckle – 15 January 2016 ... Read More 

Rural poverty on the rise in Zimbabwe - 12 September 2014 ... Read More

More aid needed to stave off hunger in Zimbabwe -4 February 2014... Read More

The Zimbabwe Food Crisis – and the missing ingredient - 21 November 2013 ... Read More

Why Africa can’t feed itself – 11 November 2013 .... Read More

NGO Work Suspended – Masvingo  ... Read More

2 million face starvation ... Read More ... Read More

3.5 million children chronically hungry ... Read More ... Read More

Food Aid Needs Rise by 60% ... Read More  ... Read More

Be Loyal or Starve ... Read More

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