Human Rights Abuses

Grace Mugabe farm victims win $30,000 compensation – 2 March 2018 ... Read More

Pretoria High Court judgment on SADC Tribunal lashes former President Zuma – 1 March 2018 ... Read More

Former President Zuma lashed by court for unconstitutionally closing down SADC Tribunal ... 1 March 2018 ... Read More

Hearing of court case against President Zuma re the closure of the regional court, the SADC Tribunal – 6 February 2018 … Read More

What will the coup mean for human rights abuses? Asks Dewa Mavhinga of Human Rights Watch – 3 January 2018 ... Read More

Zimbabwe’s grim hospital wards fuel outrage toward WHO following Mugabe honour – 25 October 2017 ... Read More

Mugabe removed as World Health Organisation goodwill envoy after outrage – 22 October 2017 ... Read More

Zimbabwean activists condemn 'absurd' World Health Organization honour for Robert Mugabe20 October 2017 ... Read More

Police chief Augustine Chihuri, Ignatius Chombo and ZRP members on trial over unlawful arrest and detention of ZINASU members – 22 August 2017 ... Read More

Tribute to Lord Joel Joffe, a dedicated human rights lawyer and ambassador of the Mike Campbell Foundation – 23 June 2017 ... Read More

Human rights situation deteriorates in Zim says UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office – 20 July 2017... Read More 

Beatings and evictions at Grace Mugabe-linked farm, reports Human Rights Watch – 23 May 2017 ... Read More

Canada’s Pierre Trudeau government turned a blind eye to the Gukurahundi massacres – 14 May 2017 ... Read More

Plan to expose human rights abuses at SADC Summit in Swaziland on 30 and 31 August 2016 ... Read More 

Civil society statement on resolving the Zimbabwean crisis and urgent message to SADC Heads of State – 26 July 2016 ... Read More

Police brutality and teargas attack in Bulawayo causes death of baby and elderly woman – 11 July 2016 ... Read More

Zimbabwe’s Winter of Discontent 2016: Causes and Opportunities for Democratisation by ZEF – 8 July 2016 ... Read More

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights deploys lawyers throughout the country over #SHUTDOWNZIM – 7 July 2016 ... Read More

New book:  50 years of Tyranny in Zim - 29 June 2016 ... Read More

Terror on blacks – by blacks:  Strategies for staying in power, including Operation Murambatsvina by Ken Yamamoto – 28 June 2016 ... Read More

The trial of former Chad leader Hissène Habré provides a model for international justice – 30 May 2016 ... Read More

Former Chadian dictator Hissène Habré found guilty of crimes against humanity in Senegalese court – 30 May 2016 ... Read More

First ever picture released of what is believed to be abducted journalist Itai Dzamara in custody – 30 May 2016 … Read More

Chadian dictator Hissène Habré’s torture chambers under spotlight at Cannes film festival – 16 May 2016 ... Read More

Zimbabwe Peace Project: Human rights violations report – April 2016 ... Read More

Enforced disappearances continue to be a challenge in Zim reports the ICAED – 25 May 2016 ... Read More

Compare Cecil Rhodes with our self-enriching African presidents writes Erick Mhlanga - 15 April 2016 ... Read More

Actor arrested for US$15 billion loot play profiling missing diamond revenue - 14 April 2016... Read More

Violence against new Zimbabwe People First party supporters and the MDC – 15 March 2016 ... Read More

Are Former Liberation Movements Inherently Violent as Governments?  Research & Advocacy Unit (RAU) report – February 2016 ... Read More

Brace yourselves for massive human rights violations in 2016 says Crisis in Zim Coalition – 22 January 2016 ... Read More

Latest Human Rights Watch report:  Human rights abuses continue in Zimbabwe – 16 January 2016.... Read More

Disappearance of Itai Dzamara and ongoing monitoring by CIO and other govt agencies - 16 August 2015.... Read More

Maynard Manyama castigates SA’s Economic Freedom Fighters leader, Julius Malema, for spreading misinformation on Zimbabwe, accusing him of cheap point scoring and blind populism – 24 July 2015... Read More

Mugabe calls for African leaders to pull out of the International Criminal Court (ICC) – 9 July 2015.... Read More

Global cost of conflict reaches US$14.3tn, says reportZimbabwe at no. 5 spends 22% of GDP – 17 June 2015 ... Read More

Omar Al-Bashir, African leaders and hypocrisy regarding the SADC Tribunal and the ICC – 19 June 2015 ... Read More

U.S. concerned over ongoing human rights violations in Zimbabwe – 14 May 2015... Read More

Farm attack, murder of conservationist, pro-democracy activist Itai Dzamara still missing – 7 May 2015... Read More

Xenophobia:  South Africa’s moral code is ruptured, says Tutu Foundation – 19 April 2015  ... Read More

Tutu on xenophobia - 17 April 2015 .... Read More

Xenophobic attacks in South Africa:  Mugabe under fire for his silence – 16 April 2015... Read More

South Africa xenophobia: Deadly anti-foreigner riots in Durban explained - 15 April 2015 ... Read More

Xenophobic attacks leave Zimbabwean children stranded – 15 April 2015…. Read More

Racial Discrimination in Zimbabwe – a Systematic Programme of Abuse – Mike Campbell Foundation report – 15 April 2015 ... Read More

Cathy Buckle: Who are we at 35? - 9 April 2015.... Read More

Atlas of Torture Project calls for his release - 2 April 2015..... Read More

Disappearance of Zim activist Itai Dzamara - statement by US Dept of State – 20 March 2015 .... Read More

Activist Itai Dzamara still missing as state officials deny abducting him – 13 March 2015.... Read More

Abduction of political activist Itai Dzamara by unidentified operative – 13 March 2015 …. Read More

Abduction of Itai Dzamara – Amnesty International press statement – 10 March 2015 …. Read More

Signed 800 years ago, the Magna Carta  protected the rule of law, property rights and human rights – 11 February 2015.... Read More

Brutal assault of Itai Dzamara and Kenney Masiye following peaceful demonstration- 14 November 2014 ... Read More

Crimes against humanity case brought against Zim Government:  SA Police must investigate - 1 November 2014 ... Read More

Zim torture case – South African Constitutional Court to rule [SALC] – 29 October 2014.... Read More

AU should reject impunity for sitting Heads of State – 26 October 2014 .... Read More

Death of a ‘Hero’: Zimbabwe’s sickness; Zimbabwe’s prison- 9 July 2014... Read More

Demolitions leave 300 homeless mid-winter in Buhera Central – 30 June, 2014 ..... Read More

Govt starves Chingwizi victims of Tokwe Mukosi dam forced removals – 1 June 2014 ... Read More

Targeting of lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa provides snapshot of more sinister trend – 14 May 2014 .... Read More

African Union ‘protecting evil African leaders’ by demanding immunity – 30 May 2014.... Read More

Zimbabwe Torture Case Reaches South Africa’s Constitutional Court – 15 May 2014... Read More

Immunity proposal for sitting government leaders in Africa causes alarm 12 May 2014... Read More

Structural violence and organised violence and torture ZHR Forum – April 2014 –...Read More

Zim diamonds: Relocated Marange villagers face unfolding humanitarian crisis - 25 April 2014 ... Read More

US-Africa Leaders August Summit in Washington – calls for CSO participation – 23 April 2014 .... Read More

Operation Murambatsvina victims:  A decade of suffering, with no respite - 6 April 2014 ... Read More

US and EU aid has saved millions of Zimbabweans from starvation – 20 February 2014... Read More

Comparative analysis of EU and U.S policies on Zimbabwe -20 February 2014 ... Read More

Ongoing abuses revealed at Chiadzwa diamond fields- 22 January 2014... Read More

Racial Discrimination in Zimbabwe: A systematic program of abuse - 12 November 2012 ... Read More

AIDS-Free World’s Strategy to Challenge Impunity and Stop More Election-Related Rape – April 2012... Read More

Diamond field: Zimbabwe torture camp discovered  - 8 August 2011…Read More

Perpetual Fear:  Impunity and cycles of Violence in Zimbabwe, HRW - March 2011... Read More

The return of the bloody diamonds: Miners at gunpoint in Zimbabwe -19th September 2009… Read More

CRD: No End to Killings in Chiadzwa- 11 Sept 2009... Read More

Subliminal terror:  Human Rights Violations and torture in Zimbabwe during 2008 ...Read More

Aids-Free World Report on Zimbabwe of 2009: - December 5, 2008 ...Read More

In the Shadow of Gukurahundi” by Tim Scarnecchia, Association of Concerned African Scholars – December 2008... Read More

Their words condemn them: The language of violence, intolerance and despotism – May 2007... Read More

The Gukurahundi Massacres (1983-1987s):  Re-release of original report:  Gukurahundi in Zimbabwe - May 29, 2007 ... Read More

The Gukurahundi Massacres (1983-1987):  Breaking the Silence Report - April 1999 ... Read More

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