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What does 2014 have in store for Zimbabwe?

After Zimbabwe’s election in July 2013 where threats and massive rigging kept President Robert Mugabe’s ZANU PF in power, business confidence evaporated and the economy took another huge knock and continues to flounder.  There have been no changes to the indigenisation laws* or the policy of continuing to force white farmers from the land.

While the new Constitution was one of the few reforms that was pushed through during the Government of National Unity, huge concessions were made in that Constitution, especially in Section 72 regarding property rights and compensation for land.  As a result, ZANU PF will continue to be able to keep the rural population living in uncertainty, poverty and hunger – and thus be able to continue to control them politically.

The failure of the leadership of Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) led by Morgan Tsvangirai and the disappointment of the people in them will lead to further fragmentation of the MDC.  Out of the disappointment we hope and pray that a leader with integrity and humility will arise.     

What does the Mike Campbell Foundation have in store for 2014?

The Mike Campbell Foundation will continue to assist vulnerable rural communities, raise awareness within the region and internationally of the dangers they face, and support initiatives to bring justice and accountability with the MCF’s existing humanitarian and justice projects.

*Why indigenisation has failed the poor – NewsDay, 20 December 2012  Extract:

“… The indigenisation policy has been used and continues to be used by the elite in order to commit or justify acts of economic banditry, expropriation and, or unfair practices that suggest that we are not a law abiding nation.

The law has been used to parcel out pieces of the economic cake and opportunities to a few connected cliques of people while the majority of intended beneficiaries remain with nothing, as  has happened in the past with other empowerment schemes.

This economy is littered with cases of productive farms lying idle, farms which have been turned into grasslands instead of maize lands, soya lands and so forth. If the nation is not careful, history will repeat itself — only that this time it will be the indigenised companies that will be scrapped of their assets and slowly slide into oblivion.

The results of indigenisation in its current form and content are dire to the economy. Instead of creating jobs, the indigenisation programme has seen massive capital flight from investors, downscaling of operations by companies who are refusing to comply with the law….”

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