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How Grace Mugabe poaching claims benefit Zimbabwe's new president – 13 April 2018 ... Read More

Winnie Mandela: Neither mother nor monster – a fascinating perspective of Winnie’s life and the complex dynamics within liberation movements by RW Johnson – 11 April 2018 ... Read More 

Lord David Owen: Mugabe a ‘deeply conflicted zealot’ who should never have ruled Zimbabwe writes Lord David Owen – 26 March 2018... Read More

“Zimbabwe After Mugabe: When will Zimbabwe rise from the Mugabe Ruins” – presentation by Ben Freeth in London, March 2018 ... Read More

Tribute to Morgan Tsvangirai: The Mountain has Fallen by Eddie Cross – 21 February 2018 … Read More

Morgan Tsvangirai obituary in the Times, courageous politician who risked his life for the people – 16 February 2018 ... Read More

Morgan Tsvangirai dies after long and a courageous battle with the Mugabe regime – 15 February 2018 ... Read More

Mnangagwa in Davos, an opportunity to capitalise on – opinion piece by Alex Magaisa – 23 January 2018 ... Read More 

What Mnangagwa is offering investors:  promises and limitations – 22 January 2018 ... Read More

The Financial Times interviews President Mnangagwa:  “I’m not a crocodile”.... 19 January 2018 ... Read More

What will the coup mean for human rights abuses? Asks Dewa Mavhinga of Human Rights Watch – 3 January 2018 ... Read More

There are three barriers blocking Zimbabwe’s progress, writes James Hamill – 29 December 2017 ... Read More

“Military-assisted Transition” and Prospects for Recovery – International Crisis Group – 20 December 2017 ... Read More

The coup in Zimbabwe – how the AU got it wrong by Professor Philip Roessler – 8 December 2017 ... Read More

How Mnangagwa got it wrong with the first Cabinet – David Coltart’s interview with Violet Gonda – 10 December 2017 ... Read More

Mnangagwa in office for 36 days: constructive developments – 30 December 2017 ... Read More

The lead up to President Mugabe’s forced resignation and inauguration of President Mnangagwa – 30 November 2017 ... Read More

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s long and troubling history – 24 November 2017... Read More

Mnangagwa:  How Mnangagwa became star of the show, with advice from Dr Alex Magaisa – 23 November 2017 ... Read More

Mugabe in talks to surrender as his ZANU PF party resolves to impeach him – 21 November 2017 ... Read More

Solidarity Peace Trust Zimbabwe – caught between the Croc and Gucci City by Brian Raftopoulos – 21 Nov 2017 ... Read More

What led up to the epic fall of dictator Robert Mugabe – 20 November 2017 ... Read More

Mugabe dismissal complications by Eddie Cross – 20 November 2017 ... Read More

Complications after Mugabe refuses to resign by Eddie Cross (MDC) – 20 November 2017 ... Read More

Constitutional options:  Can parliament remove the president/ impeachment process – by Veritas 19 November 2017 ... Read More

Main actors in the ‘coup’ are the problem, not the solution, writes Justice Malala – 20 November 2017 ... Read More

The fall of Mugabe:  Could this be the dawn of a new era for Zimbabwe? 17 November 2017 ... Read More

Mnangagwa and the military may mean more bad news for Zimbabwe, writes James Hamill – 16 November 2017 ... Read More

What is a “coup”?  Mugabe safe as military targets ‘criminals’, writes Newsweek – 15 November 2017 ... Read More

Can Zimbabwe’s new leaders fix the country’s Potemkin (sham) economy? writes Derek Matyszak from the ISS – 15 November 2017 ... Read Mo

The economy will force regime change in Zimbabwe writes columnist Wilbert Mukori  - 11 January 2016 ... Read More

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