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Dispossessed Zimbabwean farmers launch new international legal initiative ahead of SADC Summit of Heads of State ... Read More

Another high profile cleric takes over a white-owned farm and evicts farm workers, reports Ben Freeth – 5 July 2017 .... Read More

Is land nationalisation in Zimbabwe a form of slavery, asks Ben Freeth – 25 November 2016 ... Read More

Why the Land Compensation Fund cannot be funded by rent for land seized from white commercial farmers, by Ben Freeth – 30 August 2016 ... Read More 

Command agriculture – the latest “plan” to resolve Zimbabwe’s hunger problem by Ben Freeth – 22 August 2016 ... Read More 

Awaking Zimbabwe’s Sleeping Giant! Righteous Anger: Is it Right or Wrong? By Ben Freeth – 2 June 2016 ... Read More

National pledge concerns:  Opinion piece by Ben Freeth, executive director of the Mike Campbell Foundation - 13 May 2016 ... Read More

Is it really 'so good' to be black in Zimbabwe? Opinion by Ben Freeth, executive director, Mike Campbell Foundation - 3 May 2016 ... Read More

National Healing and the Land Question” – a presentation by Ben Freeth, executive director of the Mike Campbell Foundation,

for the Heal Zimbabwe Trust – 30 March 2016... Read More

Open letter to President Mugabe warning him of the consequences of the threat to Dave Conolly’s pedigree cattle – 28 January 2016 ... Read More 

Last herds of pedigree Hereford and Senepol cattle under threat;  Royal connection to Hereford herd – 27 January 2016 ... Read More 

Transfer of attached Zimbabwe government property in Cape Town registered in Deeds Office – 10 January 2015 ... Read More

Zim farmer Phillip Rankin remains under siege from British doctor’s  illegal invaders – 22 October 2015 .... Read More

British doctor and his wife involved in attempt to grab Phillip Rankin’s commercial farm – 14 October 2015 .... Read More

Ben Freeth’s presentation to the Christian Economic Forum in Singapore – August 2015  ... Read More

Dave Conolly’s ongoing Centenary farm court saga and the El Nino threat – 22 July 2015.... Read More

Mugabe runs rings around the West – Ben Freeth – 22 May 2015 .... Read More

Signed 800 years ago, the Magna Carta  protected the rule of law, property rights and human rights – 11 February 2015.... Read More

Crimes against humanity case brought against Zim Government:  SA Police must investigate - 1 November 2014 ... Read More

MCF presents “Hope for Zimbabwe” at the Royal Geographical Society, London - 4 Nov 2014 .... Read More

Stop the lawlessness, Ben Freeth appeals to President Mugabe – 9 October 2014..... Read More

Stop the lawlessness, Ben Freeth appeals to President Mugabe PDF version – 9 October 2014..... Read More

Stealing farms will not empower society or grow our economy- 18 September 2014...Read More

Zimbabwe:  Stealing farms will not empower society or grow our economy – 17 September 2014 …. Read More

Zimbabwean farm workers found guilty of “trespassing” on Wakefield farm - 20 August 2014... Read More

Death of a ‘Hero’: Zimbabwe’s sickness; Zimbabwe’s prison- 9 July 2014... Read More

Ben Freeth shares London platform with British Ambassador to Zimbabwe – 13 May 2014... Read More

African Commission can’t reverse SADC Tribunal closure – 4 March 2014 …Read More

Why EU restrictive measures must remain on Zimbabwe -15 February 2014... Read More

The Blatantly Rigged Zimbabwean Election: A Bitter Disappointment- 3 August 2013 ... Read More

Legal breakthroughs for Zim farmers- 27 June 2013...Read More

EU sanctions suspended as ZANU PF steps up pre-election harassment - 5 April 2013 ... Read More

Constitutional Court reserves judgment on Zimbabwean land grabs -28 February 2013... Read More

MCF presentation in London:  Hope in a Desert – 28 February 2013 ... Read More

SA Supreme Court of Appeal confirms SADC Tribunal ruling - 20 September 2012 ... Read More

Save SADC Tribunal Campaign and film links - 15 August 2012 ... Read More

Farm Invasions and Title to land - 23 January 2012  ... Read More

Farmers win legal battle in SA High Court - 6 June 2011 ... Read More

SADC Tribunal suspension – implications for human rights - 25 May 2011 ... Read More

New application to SADC Tribunal makes legal history - 4 April 2011 ... Read More

SADC Tribunal suspension equates to sabotage -  8 November, 2010 ... Read More

AfriForum attaches Zim property - 13 January 2009 ... Read More


Ben Freeth speaks in London

Ben Freeth speaks in London

This speech was presented by Ben Freeth, MBE – Executive Director of the Mike Campbell Foundation, in London, on 13 May 2014.


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