Sanctions Restrictive Measures

US sanctions facts and myths plus chart showing US assistance to Zim from 1980-2013 – March 2018 ... Read More

US President Obama extends Zimbabwe sanctions (targeted travel embargoes and asset freezes) 14 January 2017 ... Read More 

[Targeted] U.S. sanctions and travel bans against Zimbabwean elite to stay – 31 May 2015.... Read More

EU court dismisses Zimbabwe sanctions appeal by AG and others – 22 April 2015.... Read More

Comparative analysis of EU and U.S policies on Zimbabwe -20 February 2014... Read More

US and EU aid has saved millions of Zimbabweans from starvation – 20 February 2014... Read More

Why EU restrictive measures must remain on Zimbabwe -15 February 2014... Read More

ZIMBABWE:  Debate Lifting of EU Restrictive Measures - 14 February 2014 ... Read More

Still no date for Zim lawsuit against EU ‘sanctions’ - 25 October 2013.…Read More

Why Zanu-PF's complaints about sanctions are bunk  - 18 October 2013... Read More

Racial Discrimination in Zimbabwe: A systematic program of abuse - 12 November 2012 ... Read More

Zimbabwe: Sanctions Should Stand- 24 July 2012… Read More

Wharton says removal of two banks from US sanctions is to reward progress -25 April 2013... Read More

International developments on Zimbabwe - Comedy of Errors - 26 March 2013 ... Read More

Zimbabwean officials free to travel to EU28 March 2013 ... Read More

Has the EU lifted sanctions against Zimbabwe too soon? -26 March 2013…Read More

EU Targeted Sanctions List -25 March 2013 ... Read More

Mugabe, Grace, Mutasa and service chiefs remain on EU sanctions list -25 March 2013.. Read More

Global Witness welcomes EU decision to maintain sanctions against Zimbabwean diamond sector - 18th February 2013...Read More

EU urged to delay lifting Zimbabwe sanctions - 07 February 2013… Read More

World getting easier for Mugabe - November 28, 2012 ... Read More

List of those on the smart sanctions list - EU Council Decision 2005/592 of 29 July 2005 ... Read More


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