The Fall of Robert Mugabe

Forlorn Mugabe laments life in his gilded cage, gives rare interview at home  – 17 March 2018 ... Read More

Mugabe could have faced the same fate as Gaddafi threat – ex-spokesman – 15 January 2018 ... Read More

The generous exit package for Robert Mugabe, costly for Zimbabwe  – 28 December 2017 ... Read More

Prophecy for Zimbabwe by Cindy Jacobs at the 1998 Guatemala Prayer Conference, attended by a Zimbabwean team 1 December 2017 – Read More

The lead up to President Mugabe’s forced resignation and inauguration of President Mnangagwa – 30 November 2017 ... Read More

The forced resignation of Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe:  A personal account by activist Ben Freeth – 30 November 2017 ... Read More

Mugabe exit, fresh of his last days in office emerge – 26 November 2017 ... Read More

How Mugabe was persuaded to resign and the role of Rev Fidelis Mukonori – 26 November 2017 ... Read More

The Coup:  What you didn’t know by Ken Yamamoto – 23 November 2017 ... Read More

Mugabe’s resignation letter to Parliament – 21 November 2017 ... Read More

Mugabe in talks to surrender as his ZANU PF party resolves to impeach him – 21 November 2017 ... Read More

WOW: See the number of Zimbabweans that want President Robert Mugabe out of office writes Nigerian Eye – 20 November 2017 ... Read More

Mugabe defies the generals to cling to power in Zimbabwe – 20 November 2017 ... Read More

Complications after Mugabe refuses to resign by Eddie Cross (MDC) – 20 November 2017 ... Read More

Mugabe dismissal complications by Eddie Cross – 20 November 2017 ... Read More

Mugabe given until noon Monday 20 November to quit as President – 19 November 2017 ... Read More

Newsletter from Cathy Buckle in Zimbabwe:  “Could you hear us, Mr Mugabe?” – 19 November 2017 ... Read More

Grace Mugabe: How the tables finally turned on Zimbabwe's spendthrift first lady - 19 November 2017... Read More

Timeline of the week that led to Mugabe’s detention – 19 November 2017 ... Read More

ZANU PF fires Mugabe, reinstates Mnangagwa – 19 November 2017 ...Read More

Fear is gone as Zimbabweans turn on ‘thief’ Robert Mugabe – 19 November 2017 ... Read More

The wealth that Robert Mugabe accumulated while Zimbabwe crumbled – 17 November 2017 ... Read More

Mnangagwa and the military may mean more bad news for Zimbabwe, writes James Hamill – 16 November 2017 ... Read More

Coup de Grace:  Zimbabwe’s army mounts a coup against Robert Mugabe – 15 November 2017 ... Read More


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