The Rule of Law

For Africa to progress, Property Rights and the Rule of Law are essential by Eddie Cross – 14 January 2018 ... Read More

Eddie Cross writes that Mugabe protects murderers and flouts the rule of law, promises no prosecutions – 15 August 2017 ... Read More

The Zimbabwe Government remains in contempt of court and continues to flout the rule of law writes Sir Jeffrey Jowell QC – 18 May 2017 … Read More

Liberation movements use the law to sanitise lawlessness - President Zuma and the apartheid government  - 26 April 2016 ... Read More

Ethical leadership leaves no place for graft says South Africa's Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng - 12 April 2016 ... Read More

A brief history of judicial capture in Zimbabwe by Dr Alex Magaisa, lawyer and academic - 8 April 2016 ... Read More 

National Healing and the Land Question” – a presentation by Ben Freeth, executive director of the Mike Campbell Foundation,

for the Heal Zimbabwe Trust – 30 March 2016... Read More

Defying court order underminesThe Rule of  Law - 8 Oct 2015... Read More

Ben Freeth’s presentation on protecting property rights at the AfriForum land conference in SA – 18 March 2015.... Read More

Centenary farm:  Dr Ray Ndhlukula sentenced for defying court order barring him from evicting Dave Conolly – 17 March 2015… Read More

Signed 800 years ago, the Magna Carta  protected the rule of law, property rights and human rights – 11 February 2015.... Read More

Cathy Buckle:  Stuck in the moment – “This is my farm” and now “This is my plot” – 12 September 2014….. Read More

Just Justice- 1 July 2014 ... Read More

Targeting of lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa provides snapshot of more sinister trend – 14 May 2014 .... Read More

Tribute to Wilfred Mhanda from the Mike Campbell Foundation – 30 May 2014... Read More

The Zimbabwe Food Crisis – and the missing ingredient - 21 November 2013 ... Read More

The Rule of Law and Rule by Law - definitions ... Read More

The Rule of Law v Rule by Law ... Read  More

The Rule of Law – SADC Tribunal context ... Read More

The Rule of Law – Constitution Watch ... Read More

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