Vision and Ethos

Our Goal and Vision

The Mike Campbell Foundation’s goal is to work towards the restoration of justice and the rule of law in Zimbabwe and to uphold the basic human rights that should be fundamental to society. Our ultimate vision is the elimination of human rights infringements throughout Zimbabwe.

Our objective is also to support victims of abuse, in particular displaced and dispossessed farm workers who are in dire straits as a result of gross violations arising from the redistributive land seizure programme which has devastated Zimbabwe.

Our Christian ethos

Those who have seen the film, “Mugabe and the White African”, or read Ben’s book of the same name, will have witnessed the family's strong Christian faith. Although the Foundation is not a religious charity, its Christian ethos continues to be at the heart of all that the Foundation does. It is undoubtedly a huge source of strength and courage for Ben and his team, and the charity is fortunate to benefit from the patronage of both Archbishop John Sentamu of York and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.
The verse from the Bible that motivates the Mike Campbell Foundation and encapsulates its ethos more than any other is from Micah 6 verse 8:

“The Lord has shown you what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God”.

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The Mike Campbell Foundation seeks justice for victims of torture and abuse in Zimbabwe; Works towards the restoration of the rule of law; Assists those forced to live in extreme poverty with survival skills; Brings hope where there is only despair.

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