Way Forward

The Coup:  What you didn’t know by Ken Yamamoto – 23 November 2017 ... Read More

To escape oppression and poverty, Africans have to learn self-reliance - 16 October 2017 ... Read More 

Only modernised commercial farms will fill Africa’s plate, economists warn -10 October 2017 ... Read More 

National Healing and the Land Question” – a presentation by Ben Freeth, executive director of the Mike Campbell Foundation,

for the Heal Zimbabwe Trust – 30 March 2016... Read More

U.S. Congressional hearing to discuss America -Zimbabwe relations; Ben Freeth on panel – 2 June 2015.... Read more

[Targeted] U.S. sanctions and travel bans against Zimbabwean elite to stay – 31 May 2015.... Read More

Iain Kay joins Bennett in MDC-T leadership change call - 23 September 2013 ... Read More

Time for new opposition leader - 19th September 2013...Read More

Possible the way forward for the West- 22 August 2013...Read More

Imprisoned by our 'liberators' - 6 June 2013... Read More 

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