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The following examples illustrate some of the ways in which people are assisted:

New Lease on Life 

It was during the 2008 election violence that Friday, a farm worker from a neighbouring farm owned by the Hakulandaba family, was severely injured.  A “pungwe”, or ZANU PF “re-education” session, was scheduled to take place at Giant mine – about 10 km from our farm, Mount Carmel. 

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Foundation for Farming Courses 

My father, Zach Freeth, was invited to give a talk in the UK on “hope” after visiting Zimbabwe recently.  When he looked around, however, he could find little to inspire him to feel encouraged about anything at all.  In all the chaos and destruction, there was only one real beacon of hope and that was an inspiring local project, “Foundation for Farming”, or “Farming God’s Way”.


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Luke Tembani 

Luke Tembani (75), a deeply committed and humble Christian, became one of the first black commercial farmers after Zimbabwean independence in 1980 and built up a highly successful agricultural enterprise of which he was immensely proud. 


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The Mike Campbell Foundation seeks justice for victims of torture and abuse in Zimbabwe; Works towards the restoration of the rule of law; Assists those forced to live in extreme poverty with survival skills; Brings hope where there is only despair.

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