Why It Is Needed

The aim of the Mike Campbell Foundation is to bring the restoration of Justice, the Rule of Law and Human Rights back into Zimbabwe, so that business and investment can come back to the country and the people can be free. When you have no law and the police are on the side of evil – the people suffer in such a terrible way. We have witnessed this time and time again.

Now too with 51% indigenization act – unless something drastic is done, businesses will suffer the same treatment as the farms have suffered.

Across the Southern African Development Community (SADC), people are standing up for their rights, and for the freedom to make their countries and communities prosperous and successful.

Yet too often they’re undermined by governments and laws that attack the very foundations of the rule of law. Land clearances, broken contracts, bribery, extortion, dispossession and oppression are rife.

We may have a long road – but evil will NOT win – We have a Great and Wonderful God – and in Him we put our Trust.

If Good Men Do Nothing - Evil Will Prevail


Why is the Mike Campbell Foundation Needed - By Ben Freeth

The Mike Campbell Foundation is an important vehicle for continuing and expanding the work that the late Mike Campbell started. Mike was a Zimbabwean commercial farmer who stood publicly for the protection of human rights and the rule of law in a very dangerous and volatile situation. Anyone brave enough to stand up to the Mugabe government was considered to be an enemy of the state and a target for retribution.



Story of the River - by Ben Freeth

There is a story of a river in Africa and a village on its banks. One day a small child came floating down the river and there was no sign of the parents. The child was taken in and looked after by the villagers. A few days later another child came floating past and it too was rescued and looked after. A little while later an old lady who was starving and severely traumatized came floating down the river and she was fished out and the villagers fed her and looked after her.



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The Mike Campbell Foundation seeks justice for victims of torture and abuse in Zimbabwe; Works towards the restoration of the rule of law; Assists those forced to live in extreme poverty with survival skills; Brings hope where there is only despair.

Please give generously so that we can help as many struggling and destitute Zimbabweans as possible

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