Wildlife and Tourism

Undercover footage reveals details of Grace Mugabe alleged ivory smuggling – 25 March 2018 ... Read More

Germans take control of Gonarezhou National Park in the wake of rampant poaching  - 1 June 2017 … Read More

Wildlife artist Cheryl Rodrigues: tribute and information on her paintings - 21 April 2016 ... Read More

State of the nation - an overview of conditions in the country by Eddie Cross - 8 April 2016 ... Read More

Elephants that came to dinner - Mfuwe Lodge, Zambia: magnificent video - December 2015 ... Read More

There's a storm brewing over south central Africa by Michael Musgrave - 11 August 2015 ... Read More

Cecil the lion: “We knew this is how he would die”, says field researcher – 11 August 2015 ... Read More

Cecil the lion:  The killing that’s enraged the Internet, explained by Vox World – 29 July 2015... Read More

Treasured Zimbabwean lion, Cecil, killed by Minnesota dentist – world outraged – 29 July 2015.... Read More

Dependence on the Zambezi river, climate change and danger of exploitation – 28 July 2015... Read More

Cecil the celebrity lion, part of an Oxford University research project, felled in Zimbabwe – 27 July 2015... Read More

Theresa Warth:  tribute to the “Elephant Lady” of Wasara Ranch in Zimbabwe – 1 July 2015 ... Read More

Theresa Warth:  tribute to wildlife conservationist Theresa Warth from Animals24.7  – 17 June 2015 ... Read More

Attack on Dennis family from Caledonia farm and murder of conservationist Greg Gibbard – 7 May 2015... Read More

Cathy Buckle: Who are we at 35? - 9 April 2015.... Read More

Elephants to be eaten at President Mugabe’s 91st birthday – LA Times – 27 February 2015 ... Read more

Zim Conservation Task Force report for 20 Feb 2015 and President Mugabe’s speech at the World Summit on Sustainable Development (2002) ... Read More

Kariba Dam wall:  Engineers have started on a R3.3bn rescue marathon – 18 February 2015... Read More

Zimbabwe as a tourist destination blew me away – Elizabeth Gordon, Huffington Post – 6 February 2015 ... Read More

Elephants and big five:  To export or not to export by Ken Yamamoto – 1 February 2015..... Read More

Grace Mugabe brings wildlife to game farm as evicted peasants take legal action – 22 January 2015... Read More

Petition:  Stop the export of vulnerable baby elephants from Zimbabwe to China- 3 December 2014... Read More

Life-threatening sale of baby elephants from Zimbabwe for China - 3 December 2014 ... Read More

More elephants poisoned with cyanide – Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force – 14 July 2014 .... Read More

Engineers race to stop scour from undermining Kariba Dam wall, New Civil Engineer UK – 28 April 2014..... Read More

Ivory’s Curse: The Militarisation and Professionalisation of Poaching in Africa – April 2014 .... Read More

Zimbabwe – Then & Now by Antony Johnson... Read More

ZANU PF ‘bigwigs’ implicated in over 300 elephant deaths ... Read More

Poachers kill 300 Zimbabwe elephants with cyanide ... Read More

500 elephants poached: Bigwigs fingered in Hwange ... Read More

Mana Pools – an unique World Heritage Site ... Read More

Mana Pools – developments and threats ... Read More

Mana Pools faces another threat ... Read More

Free-for-all gold mining creates wasteland – Coltart ... Read More

Environmental Crisis:  Conservancies – report ... Read More

Poachers poison waterholes ... Read More

Lake Chivero recreational park invaded ... Read More

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