ZANU: Wielding Control

Mugabe motorcade involved in yet another serious accident – 21 July 2017 … Read More

Mugabe motorcade accidents: timeline of crashes since 2012 – 16 July 2017 … Read More

President Mugabe’s controversial 93rd birthday celebrations in the Matopos – 27 February 2017 .... Read More

Don’t mess with Grace Mugabe – she could be the next president, writes David Smith of the Guardian – reprinted 20 February 2017 ... Read More 

Mugabe describes his feisty wife Grace as 'fireworks', as he celebrates 93rd birthday – 22 February 2017 ...Read More 

Robert Mugabe at 93 – The Art of Power, a fascinating article by Dr Alex Magaisa – 18 February 2017 ...Read More 

In a surprising turn of events, Julius Malema from SA’s EFF party says Mugabe must go – 23 January 2017 ... Read More

Grace Mugabe, a first lady, exerts her power, writes Norimitsu Onishi of the New York Times – 7 January 2017 ... Read More

ZANU PF will unleash army to defend Mugabe rule and win 2018 elections – Hungwe – 4 December 2016 ..Read More

The Threat of “Normalising” Authoritarian Rule in Zimbabwe and possible options by Brian Raftopoulos – 14 November 2016 ... Read More 

Journalist Ken Yamamoto explains how Mugabe double-crossed Kabila in the DRC, gaining vast riches – 2 October 2016 ... Read More

Mugabe (back from the dead) commandeered the plane scheduled to take Zimbabwe’s national football team to the African Cup of Nations – 7 September 2016 ... Read More 

Health scare?  Mugabe rushes to Singapore, abandons SADC Summit in Swaziland – 30 August 2016 ... Read More 

Suspected ZANU PF youth invade war veterans leader’s farm, no police support – 10 August 2016 ... Read More

Ken Yamamoto:  Five reasons why Mugabe will be gone in 12 months – 9 August 2016 ... Read More

New book:  50 years of Tyranny in Zim  - 29 June 2016 Read More

After Mugabe’s gone:  Three paths for Zim by Geopolitical Intelligence Service – 12 June 2016 ... Read More

Mugabe’s threatened crackdown a threat to peace and reconciliation – 10 June 2016 ... Read More

Zimbabweans should march against dictatorship, not in support of tyranny – 23 May 2016 .... Read More

The Dirty Dozen:  corrupt and brutal tyrannies propped up by UK aid - 15 April 2016 ... Read More

Compare Cecil Rhodes with our African presidents, writes Erick Mhlanga - 15 April 2016 ... Read More

Mugabe and Zanu PF are finished says former Zanu PF stalwart Margaret Dongo - 16 March 2016 ... Read More

Pesident Mugabe must be fired says commentator Ken Yamamoto - 13 March 2016 ... Read More

The unravelling of Mugabe’s rule [2] by Jan Raath in PoliticsWeb – 14 March 2016 ... Read More

The unravelling of Mugabe’s rule [1] by Jan Raath in PoliticsWeb – 13 March 2016 ... Read More

The self-destruct button (an additional tax burden on foreign-owned companies) by Eddie Cross – 21 Oct 2015 .... Read More

President Barak Obama attacks African dictators for dragging their countries backwards – 29 July 2015… Read More

Ken Yamamoto: Six areas of misplaced hope in Zimbabwe – 20 July 2015 …. Read More

Mugabe's Zimbabwe: as the tyrant totters towards decrepitude, his country slides into famine – 16 July 2015 ... Read More

Mugabe seeks to consolidate power with African Union Post, despite turning 91  – 21 February 2015 ... Read More

Emmerson Mnangagwa’s journey to the top – 4 December 2014 .... Read More

How to "kill" a political opponent Zanu PF style, explains commentator Alex Magaista - 1 November 2014 ... Read More

Grace Mugabe claims Mugabe is world’s poorest leader – 9 September 2014 .... Read More

AU credibility questioned after appointing Mugabe to top post - 31 January 2014 ...Read More

Minister threatens to expel NGOs - 1 October 2013 ... Read More

The Final Battle for total control - 17 July 2013...Read More

Operations initiated by the Mugabe Government between 1983 and 2008 (IRIN) – 1 May 2008 ... Read More

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