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Section 7 – Procession into Windhoek and event at former SADC Tribunal building – 18 March 2024

7. Group walking with flags 18 Mar 24.jpg

The long walk to the SADC Tribunal building carrying representative SADC region flags

In Blog 10, Ben writes:  “What a day the 18th of March was, and what a step into the future it is! Already the Executive Secretary of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) has received the written memorandum with all the signatures. And the meetings will go on and we'll look for all avenues possible to build on the wave that you’ve all helped to create so that justice does prevail, and that people can go forward in peace in the future, with God at the centre….


“A significant element of the day for me was …. of Elize Angula, our amazing lawyer who was part of our case at the SADC Tribunal back in 2007/2008, taping my prayer to the door of the SADC Tribunal building, which was the House of Justice for the 400 million citizens of southern Africa. And Elize said she would make sure that the prayer (subsequently laminated) stayed on the door…."

Map showing SADC T building & RGM Ave.jpg

Destination: The historic Turnhalle building (turquoise marker), former seat of the SADC Tribunal

cnr Bahnhof Street and, ironically, Robert Mugabe Avenue!

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