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Ben Freeth has an extraordinary story to tell. Like that of many white commercial farmers in Zimbabwe, the land belonging to his father-in-law, Mike Campbell, was taken over violently by a government minister. However, Mike’s family fought back. Appealing to international law, Mike and Ben instigated a landmark court case against the Mugabe government via the court of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Tribunal.

The case was deferred time and again due to the government’s delaying tactics.  But after Ben and his parents-in-law were abducted and beaten to within inches of death in June 2008, the SADC Tribunal deemed any further delay to be an obstruction of justice.

The case was heard, and was successful on all counts. But the story doesn't end there. In 2009, the family farm was burnt to the ground.  Today the fight for justice in Zimbabwe is still far from over.  This book is for anyone who wants to see into the heart of one of the toughest places to live, and to discover how human dignity flourishes even in the most adverse circumstances.

View the trailer for the documentary Mugabe & the White African

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