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Restart: My journey restarted in Namibia from Ngoma Bridge border post at the eastern end of Namibia’s long, narrow Caprivi Strip. I have now completed this section and am riding and walking southwest along the Omatako River with my new horse, Stardust. My remarkable borrowed mule, “Nikao”, made two “great escapes”, so it was clear that he wanted to return to his equine companions!


My goal: After completing the gruelling the Zimbabwean section of my “Long Ride for Justice”, followed by riding and walking west all the way along the Caprivi Strip with Nikao, my goal now is to continue the journey southwest along the Omatako River, then south to Windhoek, the capital of Namibia.


My objective: To raise the profile of the need to have the Southern African Development Community (SADC)’s regional court of justice, the SADC Tribunal, reopened and to publicly deliver a letter to the original SADC Tribunal office in Windhoek, the Namibian capital, as well as to the SADC Secretariat.


From 16 February 2024 – heading southwest along the Omatako River.

Map of Namibia with Caprivi Strip.jpg
In Section 1 of my Namibian trek, we completed the journey west across Namibia’s the lush Caprivi Strip to Ndonga, which is about 80 kilometres east of Rundu.
Map of Okavango Basin with Omatako River flowing SW Wiki-cr.jpg
Section 2: From Ndonga, we headed southwest down the Omatako River, located to the left of the map on Friday 16 February 2024. Dr Telané Greyling, the Namibian zoologist, rider, and expert on the Namib horses, who was driving the backup vehicle, took Nikao back to Windhoek after his two escapes. She returned with a beautiful replacement horse, called Stardust.
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