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Slide 54 Young woman outside court 13 Ju

Photo credit: Jan-Dirk Visagie

A huge crowd of Zimbabweans held vigil outside the Magistrates’ Court in Harare on 13 July 2016 where Pastor Evan Mawarire’s “treason” trial was being heard. Pastor Mawarire initiated the #ThisFlag social media campaign.

Pea harvesting CFU.jpg

Photo credit: Commercial Farmers’ Union

Harvesting commercially grown peas in Zimbabwe

Robin Hammond maize field hi res 13.jpg

Photo credit: Robin Hammond / NOOR

A 91-year-old man walks across a subsistence maize field in a rural area of Zimbabwe

Pagomo homestead ruin wide [2] BL_cr.jpg

Photo credit: Barbara Langridge

Fallout from the land grab in Zimbabwe: The ruins of Pagomo homestead on the once highly productive Lorn farm in the Odzi district. “Losing my home, country, community and sense of belonging has been the greatest influence on my life. No matter how successful we are, without community we will experience a deep emptiness and dislocation from the world around us,” said Barbara subsequently.


Photo credit: Reuters Philimon Bulawayo

Commercial farmer Darryn Smart is welcomed back to the family’s Lesbury Estates farm by village elder, farm workers and children in December 2017. The Smart family were violently evicted by a top cleric, Bishop Trevor Manhanga, Presiding Bishop of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Zimbabwe church.

Kerry+blind displaced farm worker wife C

Photo permission: Kerry Kay

The Commercial Farmers’ Union’s AIDS Control Programme was run by a commercial farmer’s wife, Kerry Kay, on a voluntary basis after she accepted the position of Project Manager in 1995. This
programme was judged by UN AIDS as the best of its type internationally and it has been used as a model for other projects. Here Kerry comforts the blind wife of a farm worker displaced by the devastating farm invasions.

School Children 2.jpg

Photo credit: Nathaniel Tetteh

The Mike Campbell Foundation’s school fees project began in 2006 with just 15 pupils, mostly children of former farm workers, with the support of friends and well-wishers. In 2017, with additional funding support, the MCF was able to pay the fees of 226 children in the Chegutu district, the majority of whom are in primary school. 

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