If we do not work for justice, the sceptre of justice will continue to be dashed to the ground and the whirlwind of destruction will continue to blow through the land.

The Mike Campbell Foundation has been formed to enable all its supporters to stand alongside people who have been beaten, wrongly imprisoned or have had their property and all that they owned taken by the Government and its agents.

At present the Zanu PF elite who have taken over the farms are not paying them, their children cannot go to school and they receive no medical attention.  Many are living as slaves in perpetual fear of violence and eviction from their homes.  We support these rural people by, among other things, sending them on a course entitled “Foundations for Farming” where they learn appropriate conservation agriculture farming methods to support themselves in extremely difficult times.

“Foundations for Farming” is run by Brian Oldreive, who was perhaps one of the most successful commercial farmer that Zimbabwe has ever seen. He is now poor, having lost everything, but he is using his knowledge to help the poorest of the poor come out of poverty.

In 2000 there were approximately 2 million farm workers and their families on the land, which translated into about 1 million votes.  This sizeable group was perceived by the Zanu PF government to have voted for the opposition Movement for Democratic Change party, so it was a strategic decision to displace them. Now, with an estimated 1,500,000 having fled, been evicted or having died, fewer than 50,000 are estimated to remain. It is our aim to help those who are still trying to eke out a living on the land.

It is vital that the perpetrators of the crimes are made accountable so that they cannot continue to abuse others. Ultimately, when there is access to effective courts, those that have been most adversely affected will need help to emerge from poverty into an environment where law and order prevails.