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The Mike Campbell Foundation (MCF)’s school fees project began with just 15 children in 2006, mostly children of former farm workers, and was funded mainly by friends, well-wishers and to some extent the church. 
Since then, with the generous support of funders, the MCF has been able to assist children of destitute farm workers, as well as child-headed families and others in the Chegutu district of Zimbabwe, the majority of whom are in primary school. 

Our focus is on foundational skills so that the children can read, write and have hope for their future.


•    Only 26% of parents and guardians can afford educational expenses of their children (ZimStat)
•    47% of children are not in school due to poverty exacerbated by COVID-19 pandemic (UNICEF)
•    56% of children aged 7-14 do not have foundational reading skills (UNICEF)
•    75% of children aged 7-14 do not have foundational numeracy skills

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