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Dear Lord I pray for my country     


For all those who are suffering persecution for their beliefs,

For those who mourn the loss of loved ones, their homes and their livelihoods.

For those falsely accused and jailed.

Dear Lord, enfold our country and all its people in your shining white light of hope,

The warmth of your love, the strength of the Holy Spirit.

Lord rekindle the flame of kindness in each person.

Let all Zimbabweans join hands in your name

And Lord we pray that you will lead us together into a new way of life

Serving through you our people and our environment.


Lord we pray for justice in our country, we pray for peace.

We know that as Zimbabweans you have given us the gift of choice.

You have blessed us with resilience, forgiveness and above all an undying love for our country.

Lord we pray that you will give us the strength to continue the fight for truth and justice,

No matter how painful it may be.



This prayer was written by Kerry Kay, formerly of Chipesa farm, in April 2002 following their violent eviction.

11 December 2017: Kerry wote:  “It is still so appropriate today especially following the events in our special country over the past few weeks. Despite certain disappointments, we must remain hopeful and prayerful, praying for SERVANT LEADERSHIP.”

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