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Long Ride for Justice Objective

Long Ride for Justice Objective

Our executive director, Ben Freeth MBE, has set out on a challenging two-stage odyssey across western Zimbabwe (which couldn’t be publicised for security reasons), then west along the Caprivi Strip and southwest to Windhoek in Namibia.


His objective is to raise awareness of the closure of the Southern African Development Community (SADC)’s regional court of justice, the SADC Tribunal, in 2012 and the vital need for it to be re-opened. The closure was a travesty of justice that has denied access to justice to the 389 million citizens of the 16 SADC countries when their own justice systems fail them.


The main objective is to publicly deliver a letter to the SADC Tribunal (at the end of possibly about 4 million steps) along with the SADC Secretariat and to build a new wave of allies in support of justice in the process. 

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